Contact Uber for Rider Issues

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If a partner has rider issues related to fare adjustment, rider behavior, rider rating or a serious incident related to a rider, partner can contact Uber through provided channels.

Contact Uber for rider issues:

Rider was unpleasant: Usually the riders are respectful and polite toward other riders. However, if a partner feels that the rider was rude or did not follow acceptable standards of behavior during this trip, they can contact Uber for resolution.

Change rating for a rider: Everyone deserves and appreciates receiving a fair and accurate rating. If a partner likes to change the rating given by a rider, it is suggested to contact Uber for required update.

A canceled trip will not include the opportunity for the rider or driver to leave a rating or comments.

Report a serious incident involving a rider: If partner feels that a rider’s words or actions have affected personal safety or ability to complete a trip, it is suggested to contact Uber for prompt resolution.

Uber is committed to the safety of everyone using the Uber platform. Drivers should never be made to feel that starting or completing a trip with a rider could put them in danger.

If partners has this concern when you meet the riders at the pickup location, they should explain to the rider that they are not comfortable starting the trip.

If a partner has any concern related to personal safety or security during a trip, it should be ended immediately and rider should be explained politely about the decision.

To report rider behavior that was rude or unpleasant but did not affect anyone’s safety, please go back to Rider Feedback and select My rider was unpleasant.

Fare adjustment: Rider damaged the vehicle: Partner should contact Uber if an incident involving a rider resulted in damage to a vehicle beyond normal wear and tear.
To report a mess that requires professional cleaning, head to back to Rider Feedback and select Fare Adjustment: request a cleaning fee.

For fare issues reporting and settlement, Uber can be contacted through phone or help portal.

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