How to contact Uber for scheduled rides

How to contact Uber for scheduled rides
Uber Scheduled Rides is a service to schedule a pickup in advance, ranging from 15 minutes to 30 days in advance. Scheduled rides are great for hailing Uber during non-regular scenarios like an early morning airport run or a big meeting.

Once a ride is scheduled, Uber will request a car on customer’s behalf so that it will be ready and waiting to go at the scheduled time. Customer will get all the driver’s details as usual when booked ride is on the way.

How to book Scheduled Rides with Uber:

Schedule your ride in just a few taps. Set your pickup date, time, location and destination and Uber request a car on your behalf to be there when you’re ready to go.

1. Schedule a ride: Select uberX and tap “Schedule a Ride” to schedule a request 15 minutes to 30 days in advance. When the time comes, Uber will request your ride on your behalf.

2. Set pickup info: Set your pickup date, 15 minute time slot, location and destination and get a fare estimate.

3. Confirm your scheduled request: Check the details of your upcoming trip and tap “Schedule uberX.” Your booking is only confirmed once you receive your driver’s details when the car is on the way. You can edit or cancel at any time before your ride is ready.

4. Enjoy your ride: Uber will send you reminders ahead of the trip and notify you when your booking is confirmed and your ride is on the way.

Scheduled Rides are priced exactly like a normal uberX ride and subject to pricing conditions at the future time when the booking is confirmed. Surge pricing may apply. You will be notified if surge pricing is in effect when you receive the your driver’s details.

For queries, suggestions and complaints about scheduled rides, Uber can be contacted through phone or help portal.

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