Contact Uber for fare issues

To maintain pleasant ride experience, Uber requires riders and passengers to contact the company in case of fare issues.

Possible Fare Issues while riding Uber:

uber fare estimateFare adjustment: Partner want to refund the rider: A variety of issues during a trip can impact the experience for partners and riders. For example, a flat tire or a trip not started or ended on time can be frustrating for everyone.

If something happened on a trip that the partner feel the rider should be compensated for with a full or partial fare refund, Uber should be contact about it.

Adjustments made to the rider’s fare will be deducted from partner’s payment for that particular trip.

Fare adjustment: trip didn’t begin or end on time: A trip’s fare is calculated from the moment the partner swipe START TRIP and ends when COMPLETE TRIP is swiped

If the partner feels a trip’s start or end time is incorrect, let Uber know the correct pickup location and destination addresses so that the company can review and make adjustments as needed.

Dispute a previously adjusted fare: Fares for completed trips may occasionally be adjusted. This can happen because a rider raised reasonable concerns about the trip.

For example, a trip fare may be adjusted if:
– the rider did not take the trip
– the trip didn’t start or end on time
– the route was not ideal
– cash was requested by or paid to the driver

To review why fare for a particular trip was adjusted, partners can tap “>” in the payment statement.

If partners feel this adjustment is incorrect or unfair, they can contact Uber for explanation.

For fare issues reporting and settlement, Uber can be contacted through phone or help portal.

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