How to contact Uber by phone

uber by phone
Customers trying to contact Uber by phone wonder where to find Uber phone number for support or complaint.

Here is how to contact Uber by phone:

Uber does have a contact number. However dialing that number will just lead you to an answering machine with a really long message about what Uber does and how you can get the app.

Uber Call Center:

There are no Uber Call Centers or uber phone number to help book a ride or estimate your upcoming ride.

How to contact Uber Riders:

Uber is meant to work without a phone call or text, but there are times when you may need to contact your rider. Keep in mind, your rider is notified in the app as you arrive so there is no need to contact them to let them know. If you have waited a few minutes or are having trouble finding them, you can text or call them through the app.

contact uber rider

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1. Select the clipboard icon on the top right
2. Select CONTACT
3. Select MESSAGE to send a text or select CALL to call your rider

The number you see listed for the rider is not the rider’s actual phone number. For safety purposes Uber uses a number randomization software so that riders and drivers never actually have each other’s personal phone number.

Uber Emergency Hotline Number:

The Emergency Hotline Number (800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER) is intended for drivers and customers who have emergencies or urgent/timely situations with a need of safety-related assistance. For example, if something extremely wrong is going on with your ride or if you happened to get into an accident while driving, this is exactly the number you should be dialing. [More about how to contact Uber in Emergency here]

Uber Phone Support for Drivers:

Uber has introduced a pilot support program for drivers in San Francisco Bay area. Drivers that found themselves needing help could navigate to “Help” within the Partner App, then select “Speak to an Agent”, which would then connect them directly to Uber by phone support.

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