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uber help portal

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Uber help portal is a dedicated web site for Uber customers and riders interested in contacting the company online with complaints, queries and feedback.

How to access Uber Help Portal:

The portal can be accessed by visiting Once a user logs in, the portal provides customized information based on user’s location or selected city.

Common information available on Uber Help Portal include:

  • Payments and Fares
  • Set up and manage Banking Information
  • Track payment
  • Sign up to Drive
  • FAQs
  • Steps to become a driver partner
  • Safety and Screening Process
  • Ratings
  • Driving Tips

Uber Help Portal for Riders:

Uber riders can access the portal to register as drivers, get useful information about laws and other requirements. Some of this information include:

– How does Uber work?
– Steps to become a driver-partner
– Payments and Referrals
– Vehicle Requirements

Uber Help Portal for Partners:

Uber partners can access the portal to track payments, get information related to fares and other services. The FAQ section answers variety of questions related to:

  • Fare, cancellations fees and refunds
  • Lost items
  • Driver related issues
  • Promo codes

Uber also provides a contact form for the partners / passengers interested in contacting the company with their queries and complaints.

It is the quickest way for both riders and drivers to gain direct access to Uber customer support. The portal also has a fairly detailed FAQs section which covers every aspect of the services.


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