How to contact Uber by Email

Uber riders intending to contact Uber by email, for their questions or complaints, should know that they would most likely receive a generic, and apparently automatic, email response from Uber.

uberpromoCode contact uber by emailIf your Uber contact provides an answer to your question, but you have additional questions, be sure to respond to that same email thread, instead of contacting Uber customer service again by using the general support email address. Your Uber contact will very likely remain the same as long as you respond to the same thread.

As a general rule, asking one question at a time will have a much higher success rate than asking multiple questions at once.

If you contact Uber by email, but the response you received was not helpful, you can simply start the process again by sending an email to the generic Uber support email address again (similar to hanging up and dialing again when on the phone with an unhelpful call center representative).

If you were provided helpful information, ask your next question.

Here’s the automated response when a person contact Uber by email:

“We’re sorry. You’ve contacted an address that does not accept incoming email. We’re not monitoring questions through this email address and this request has not been received by our support team.

We’d love to help out if you have an issue. Please submit your request by tapping “Help” in the Uber app or by visiting from a web browser. There you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and have the option to submit a support request.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

-Team Uber”

It has been reported that the email is no longer active. Click here to check other options to contact Uber.

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