Contact Uber Critical Safety Response Line

uber critical safety response line
Uber Critical Safety Response Line is for emergencies only. This line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance!

Uber recommends users to call 911, if immediate police or medical attention is required. For service related emergencies, 800-285-9481 can be called to speak with an Uber representative.

When a rider calls Uber Critical Safety Response Line, they are transferred to one of two Uber Incident Response Teams, located in Chicago and Phoenix.

But here’s a crucial note: this isn’t meant to replace 911. Rather, the phone number could be used to help passengers retrieve phones, keys, medication, and other items accidentally left in a vehicle after a trip. Calls placed to the center could also deal with concerns about a driver.

As reported here, Uber’s inaccessibility during potential dangers came into stark view after an Uber driver killed five on a rampage in Kalamazoo, MI. Just an hour before the driver started shooting, a passenger in his car called 911 to report erratic behavior, but was told to contact Uber’s customer service. Besides the critical response line, Uber provides an email address for feedback and allows users to report problems.

Uber has also been fighting off claims that sexual assault and rape may be far more prevalent than the public once thought. Searching Uber’s customer service database returns countless examples of testimony, and users mentioning “sexual assault” or “rape” as feedback, reports Buzzfeed. The company’s lawyers reportedly said the figure of actual assaults in Uber vehicle is much lower, but the previously undisclosed reports suggest, at the least, a lack of transparency.

Uber Critical Safety Response Line is a great initiative. However, it should be linked with 911 and rolled out nation wide.

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