How to Contact Uber: Uber Contact Info

How to Contact Uber: Uber Contact Info
Riders and partners can contact uber through number of ways, including contact by phone, app and help portal.

Contact Uber by phone: Uber does have a contact number. However dialing that number will just lead you to an answering machine with a really long message about what Uber does and how you can get the app. Read more about it here.

Contact Uber through Help Portal: Uber help portal is a dedicated web site for Uber customers and riders interested in contacting the company online with complaints, queries and feedback.

Once a user logs in, the portal provides customized information based on user’s location or selected city. Read more about it here.

Contact Uber by Partner Sites: Uber runs what is called “Uber Partner Sites” which is sort of their local online presence. These sites are organized differently, depending on the region or city they cover. Read more about it here.

Contact Uber Critical Safety Response Line: Uber recommends users to call 911, if immediate police or medical attention is required. Once that’s done, the rider or partner can call Critical Safety Response Line for safety-related assistance. Read more about it here.

Contact Uber for lost itmes: Have you ever left your belongings in an Uber ride and wondered how to get your stuff back? The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver, here’s how.

Contact Uber for fare issues: Uber can be contacted to report and resolve fare related issues and adjustments. Some scenarios for fare adjustment include:

  • Partner want to refund the rider
  • Trip didn’t begin or end on time
  • Dispute a previously adjusted fare

Uber can also be contacted for scheduled rides and rider issues.

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